Detroit has been credited as one of the Soul Music capitals of the world, spawning legendary artists like The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross just to name a few. In the mid 1980s, Detroit's Underground Music Movement has brought rise to artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter, Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, UR, Jeff Mills, and a host of others. But unlike the aforesaid names, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of Detroit House Music, and is known as the pioneer of the music genre known as “Inspirational House Music”! As a DJ, Terrence Parker (known to many as "TP") has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones.  

Terrence has performed as a DJ in 36 countries throughout the world and has released more than 100 recordings on his Intangible Records label and various labels including Sony, Defected, Nervous, Kingstreet, and Purple Music. Terrence has top 20 hits with his songs "Love's Got Me High", "The Question" and albums like “Life On The Back 9” and "Detroit After Dark".  

Terrence has two album projects coming by the end of 2016. The album “GOD Loves Detroit” is scheduled to be released in the Fall/Winter of 2016 on Planet E Communications (Detroit). This new album features TP collaborations with Coco Street, and additional projects with Merachka (who co-produced, co-wrote, and sings on the first single entitled “Don’t Waste Another Minute” which also features a remix by London’s As I Am). The album “Motor City Life” is also scheduled to be released later in 2016 on Goldmin Records (Paris) which features a collection of unreleased versions of house and hip hop (downtempo) tracks. 

Terrence’s 2014 album entitled, “Life On The Back 9” released in January 2014 on Carl Craig’s Planet E label in Detroit was rereleased as an expanded remix album in November 2014 on Defected Records in London. This album which in its debut reached number # 1 on the Traxsource Top 100 Albums Sales Chart, tells the story of how he was encouraged by his father to continue on forward by the struggles and challenges of life. The album features the writing contributions and vocal performances by Merachka, Coco Street, Kelly Gunn, Reno Ka, and features remixes by Carl Craig, Underground Resistance/Timeline, Louie Vega, Josh Milan, Monty Luke, Marc Romboy, Merachka, House Of Praise and Terrence Parker.

Terrence's high quality of music productions, remixes, and DJ skill has been recognized by organizations such as the Detroit Historical Museum's History of Techno International Exhibit, and Indiana State University's Department Of African American Music And Culture. TP's collective musical works and pioneering efforts have been recognized as a valuable contribution to Detroit's music history, as well as the International History Dance Music. 

TP's incredible DJing talents have been heard on radio networks throughout the world such as on Superfly FM in Vienna/Austria, Channel 955 FM’s "The Pulse" (Detroit's No # 1 Pop/Urban FM Radio Station) and FM 98 WJLB's "Club Insomnia" Mix Show (Detroit’s # 1 Hip Hop Station). 

Terrence is also a well respected remixer. His most recent remix projects include I Am X & Coco Street (Donda Recordings), Dantiez Saunderson (KMS Records), Lenny Fontana (Karmic Power Records), Jonathan Kiely & Niall Redmond (Deeptown Music), Nicole Hunt (NoSOULrobot), tlJN & Dudley Strangeways (Frole Records), Light To Motion (BodyTalk Music), Brian Logstrup & Thomas Stiller (Deso Records), Andrew Hartley & Rashaan Houston (Rejoice Records), and Pongo (Astral People Music).TP has also remixed Mark Fanciulli’s, “Sacrifice” on Saved Records/UK, Yotam Avni featuring Chris Dockins’ “That’s What The World Needs” on Seasons Records/USA, and Rotvic’s “Classic Age” on D-Edge Records/Brazil. Terrence’s major label remixed projects include artists such as Kelly Rowland, Vickie Winans, Carmen, Lyfe Jennings, Michelle Williams, Trinitee 5:7, Omarion feat. Bow Wow, Tiffany Evans feat Ciara, Wyclef feat Akon, Beyonce & Shakira, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Shaun Escoffery, Ce Ce Winans, Dr. Charles Hayes & The Cosmopolitan Church Of Prayer Choir, Amerie, Chris Brown, Anointed Pace Sisters, and Upper Street.


Terrence Parker work has also been deemed as a valuable contribution to the global history of dance music. His work has been documented in several books & publications. Here are just a few: The Guinness Who’s Who of Rap, Dance & Techno - Guiness Publications 1994 - UK Techno Rebels: The Renegades Of Electronic Funk - Billboard Books 1999 - USA The Rough Guide To House Music - Penguin Books 1999 - UK Rave Culture, An Insider’s View - Smallfry Press 1999 - CANADA The Rough Guide To Techno Music - Penguin Books 2000 - UK All Music’s Difinitive Guide To Electronica - Backbeat Books 2001 - USA 


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Light To Motion (BodyTalk Music), 
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“Because HE Lives” - Andrew Hartley & Rashaan Houston (Rejoice Records) 
“Wont You See” - Pongo (Astral People Music) 
“You Can’t Judge” – Baby Bambaata – Jack The Box


Tribal Gathering 1997 - Luton, Beds ~ England 
Love Parade 1997 - Berlin ~ Germany 
Billboard Dance Music Conference 1998 - Chicago - USA 
Winter Music Conference 1999 - Miami - USA 
Winter Music Conference 2000 - Miami - USA 
Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2001 ~ 2003 - Detroit - USA 
Detroit Movement Festival (DEMF) 2004 - Detroit - USA 
Turntable Ministry Tour 2004 - Chiba City/Okinawa/Tokyo - Japan 
FUSE IN Detroit Festival 2005 - Detroit - USA 
Cornerstone Music Festival 2005 - Bushnell - USA 
Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2008 - Detroit - USA 
Detroit International Auto Show 2009 - Detroit – USA 
Brandenberg Allstar Festivals 2002 thru 2009 – Berlin - GERMANY 
Beautiful Life Tour 2011 – JAPAN 
TP 30 Years of DJing Anniversary Tour 2011 – EUROPE 
Movement Festival 2011 – Detroit – USA 
Dockland Festival 2012 – Muenster – GERMANY 
MoMA PS1 Festival 2012 – Long Island/NYC – USA 
Movement Festival 2013 – Detroit – USA 
Sone Outdoor Festival 2014 – Ronse – BELGIUM 
Electric Zoo Festival 2014 – Long Island/NYC - USA 


AMP's DEMF Special 2001 - MTV2 - USA 
ELECTRIC CIRCUS Dance Show ~ Much Music / CityTV - Canada 
TP interview / DJing @ Volcano Room ~ Much Music / CityTV - Canada 
Detroit Dance Special ~ Much Music / CityTV - Canada 
Dance Zone's Detroit Special ~ MTV Europe - U.K. 
TP interview / DJing @ Velvet Lounge ~ MTV Europe - U.K. 
Berlin House Show / DJing in studio ~ VIVA Television - Germany 
Love Parade Special / DJing @ Love Parade `97 - VIVA Television ~ Germany 


2007 - 2012 DJ mixes for Channel 955 FM/The Pulse - Detroit, Michigan USA 
2008 - 2009 DJ mixes for 94.5 The VIBE FM - Las Vegas, Nevada USA 
2002 - 2014 DJ mixes for WJLB-FM 98/Club Insomnia - Detroit, Michigan USA 
2006 - Inspirational House Mix Show (worldwide syndication) Detroit, Michigan USA 
2006 - Inspirational House Mix Show WDRJ AM 1440 Detroit, Michigan. USA 
2005 - 2006 Music Director for Dance Channel Washington DC, USA 
2005 - DJ mixes for DFR-Radio CZECH REPUBLIC 
2000 - DJ mixes for Atlanta, Georgia. 
2003 - DJ mixes for The Move/XM Satellite Radio Washington, D.C. 
2003 - 2005 DJ mixes for Mixing4U Show Sao Paulo, BRAZIL 
2005 - DJ mixes for Power 101.7FM WEVI Fredriksted, VIRGIN ISLANDS 
2005 - DJ mixes for Silver Rain Radio 100.1FM Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIA 
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2005 - DJ mixes for TOP FM Belgrade, SERBIA 
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2003 - 2005 DJ mixes for DINAMO 103.8 FM Istanbul, TURKEY 
2002 - 2005 DJ mixes for Musical Inspirations Show WDTR 90.9FM Detroit, Michigan. 
2002 - 2004 DJ mixes for Inspirational House Mix Show WDTR 90.9FM Detroit, Michigan. 
2003 - 2004 DJ mixes for Samurai.FM Tokyo, JAPAN 
2003 - 2004 DJ mixes for 100.7FM “The Bridge” (Christian Radio) San Francisco, California 
2003 - DJ mixes for Power 106 KPWR-FM Los Angeles, California. 
2003 - DJ mixes for Huntington, Virginia. 
1998 - 2001 DJ mixes for Radio Nova 93.5FM Paris, FRANCE 
1997 - 2001 DJ mixes for FG Radio 101FM Paris, FRANCE 
1995 - 1998 DJ mixes for Transmission Show CIMX 88.7 FM (89X) Windsor, CANADA 
1988 - 1992 DJ mixes for Billy T Show WGPR 107.5 FM Detroit, Michigan. 
1985 - 1988 DJ mixes for Electrifying Mojo Show WHYT 96.3 FM Detroit, Michigan. 
1983 - 1986 DJ mixes for WSHJ 88.3 FM Southfield, Michigan. 
1984 - 1986 MUSIC DIRECTOR/Mix Show Coordinator WSHJ 88.3 FM Southfield, Michigan.